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o u r  p a i r i n g s

We are able to provide a range of nutrition and sports nutrition services 

to our clients because of our diverse team and years of experience. 

n u t r i t i o n   s e r v i c e s

Nutrition Seminars

  Lunch & Learn Programs

  Kid’s Cooking Classes

  Nutrition Workshops

  Speaking Engagements


Medical Nutrition Therapy

Comprehensive Nutrition Assessments

Chart Reviews

Food & Drug Interactions

Nutrition Counseling

Weight Monitoring & Review

Patient Education Material

Patient Education Classes

Diabetes Self-Management

Heart Health Education


Food Service

Kitchen Sanitation Inspections

Menu Development & Review

Staff Continuing Education

ServSafe Certification Training

o u r

p a i r i n g s

s p o r t s   n u t r i t i o n   s e r v i c e s

o u r

p a i r i n g s

Team Workshops

Nutrition for Performance

Eating on the Go

Fluids & Hydration

Quick Tips for Healthy Cooking


Protein Power

Athlete’s Zone - The Truth about Fad Diets

Caffeine and Performance


Consultations - Individual or Group

Weight Loss

Weight Gain

Meal Planning

Nutrition Analysis


Additional Services

Body Composition Testing

Cooking Demonstrations

Grocery Store Tours

Training Table - Pre-game  meals

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