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Element Health designs innovative and award winning health & well-being programs for organizations in all sectors of business.  Partnering with employers who understand the value of a healthy workplace is just step one.  Our team of experts in the field of employee health are committed to working closely with each client to design their signature health and well-being program, while infusing a culture of health.  

w h a t

w e

o f f e r

1. Biometric Health Screening

2. Individual Health Coaching

3. Fitness Assessment

4. Health Risk Assessment

5. Wellness Program Management & Staffing

6. Fitness Center Management & Staffing

7. Health Education Seminars & Activities

8. Lifestyle Management Courses

       Element Weight Management

       Energy Management & Life Balance

       Hypertension and Pre-hypertension

       Diabetes and Pre-diabetes

       Cholesterol Management

core components of success

Engaging individuals is both an art and science.  Our signature health and well-being programs are designed to reach and sustained over 70% of a targeted population.



Biometric screening paired with our signature health risk stratification and health coaching allow participants to not only be informed but motivated to improve their health.

Improving health is achieved through participant led goal setting with ongoing touch points by a personal health coach and the right blend of financial incentive to help individuals get started on their journey of health.  





A portfolio of health initiatives ranging from individual and team nutrition and weight loss to resilience training to physical activity campaigns allow individual support and sustainability of improved health for participants.

Improving health and changing one’s lifestyle does not happen overnight.  Well crafted health and well-being programs must be comprehensive and strategic in design.  Organizations must commit to a minimum of three years to ensure that the program components are infused into the organization, environmental changes have been implemented and improved health behaviors are sustained. 



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